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The Agave Firebreak Story

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Perennial fires have swept the coastal ranges of North America for eons. The high-water content and retention of native agaves and cactuses have acted as a natural fire break to all that live below their belt lines. Families that have planted agave in their defensible spaces as natural fire breaks have helped the fire fighters and first responders in their ceaseless and heroic efforts to preserve the communities that live on these ranges. For every bottle sold, we plant an agave in these affected areas to minimize the impact of future fires. Firebreak salutes the spirit of those that defend our lands and celebrates the continual rebirth and resilience of those people that make a home within this western Ring of Fire. 

-Augie Johnson, Owner and Thomas Fire Survivor, Santa Barbara

Firebreak Tequila: determined to reshape our fire-prone area to one of resiliency & hope.

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California has never had a shortage of natural disasters, especially when it comes to wildfires. As many flee the inevitable forces of nature, first responders rush to greet it on the frontlines. We want to celebrate those first responders and do our part in helping reduce destruction caused by wild fires. Firebreak's founder, Berkeley Johnson, is a Thomas Fire survivor who lost his home and many good friends during this tragic incident. He is doing his part in ensuring that his community, along with every other fire-prone California community, is able to create a plant buffer defense to slow down or help prevent the fires from quickly spreading to the surrounding area. 

Planting Agave in your home:

One of Firebreak's core missions is to help plant as many high water-retention agave plants as feasible in California. We have partnered with a local nursery to aid us in providing agave plants to the coastal communities free of charge, in fire-prone areas that need protection.